Wedding Ring Finger Myth and History

I believe that everybody love to have a great designed ring in their wedding ring finger in their wedding ceremony. Wedding ring is one of the most important things that we have to prepare in the wedding day.

Some people consider that preparing a ring is one on of the most important part in wedding process. Wedding ring is part of human global custom that use to indicate whether a person married or not. There is no actual data about where or when this custom begins, but this custom is surely one of the most important part in every wedding ceremony around the world.

Wedding ring is a band of metal or something else that put in your wedding ring finger for a reason. Some people said that there a nerve in wedding ring finger that connected to the heart.

Although there is no clinical evidence about that theory, people believes that the right place for a wedding ring is in a wedding ring index finger and not in any other finger.

The custom and the myth have taken the wedding ring and how it uses to become the general truth in global human custom. The myth that strictly forbid people not to release the ring when they still in marriage.

Materials of Wedding Ring

Wedding ring is usually made by banded metal and accessories with stone. There are many types of materials that are used to craft a wedding ring that can be used to fulfill most of wedding ring design.

The most common one is gold, platinum, silver and many more. The throne of the ring is usually accessorized with diamond and any other beautiful stone like sapphire or even crystal. There are a lot of types of materials that are used in crafting a wedding. There even include steel, wood or even plastic. Can you imagine using a wood based material wedding ring in your wedding ring finger?

The materials that are used to craft a wedding ring which you can put in your finger is the reason why your wedding ring cost you a lot of money. Wedding ring often cost more than fifty percent of your total budget to hold a wedding ceremony.

It’s all because the materials that are used to crafted. Actually wedding ring materials is something you can alternate. You can use cheaper materials to get a cheaper price for your wedding ring set, it will still look good in your wedding ring finger, but you know, newlywed people, they often thinking a prestige more than a budget.

Writen by Laura Shine