Getting to Know Overseas Shipping Containers Transportation

When a company wants to send commodities, goods, or any other materials to countries separated by seas or continents, they will use overseas shipping containers. The containers are usually placed in a warehouse by the port from which the containers will be taken to the cargo ship after fulfilling the legal requirement and finishing some document papers.

Many believed that this kind of transportation is the most suitable for sending goods within containers due to its economical price. The economical price itself is caused by the containerization process which is less expensive compared to any other kind of cargo transportation.

Shipping Containers

If it is said that this kind of transportation is less expensive, one may assume that it is very cheap. However, to predict the price of using overseas shipping containers service, one must know that the price is based on per cubic meter; the bigger the containers the more expensive the price.

Then, the rate of the cargo as it arrives at the local port of specific country depends on the charge it needs to pay. Cargo transportation is basically moving goods of a country to another country that is why when it arrives; there will be some checking happening to reassure that everything in the containers is legal and no harm in making.

Types of the Overseas Shipping

To understand further about overseas shipping containers, you need to know that there are some types of containers. There are at least three types of containers used in this transportation model. Those three are the dry cargo, refrigerated cargo and special container.

Each of them is specifically designed for specific cargo. For example, the dry cargo is made for general cargo. However the general cargo cannot be over 45’, because the length of dry cargo is only 20’ to 45’ maximum. How about the other two?

Well, unlike the dry cargo, the refrigerated container is actually made for carrying specific cargo. What it means by ‘specific’ is referring to the type of cargo that needs to be refrigerated or freeze during the entire shipping process.

Since it is frozen, the exterior and interior materials, temperature control, weight and cooling capacity in this type of overseas shipping containers have to be taken into account to avoid mistakes. These two containers are commonly used for export-import purpose. By looking at the shape of the containers alone, we know that these are the usual type we find at the port.

The last type of overseas shipping containers is the special container. This one is made special, because the purpose is not limited to export-import transportation, but more than that. According to some, the specific container is also not always shaped in rectangular, since it is used for other purposes such as storing liquid.

Ultimately, these containers types are important elements of shipping method. Then, the cargo is shipped to many places, including shipping to Australia and more countries. Filled with precious goods with an estimated hundred thousands of dollars’ worth of money, the containers have to be secured correctly.

Writen by Laura Shine