Cute Nose Ring Add Tradition to Your Nose

When looking at someone who wear nose ring, some people would think that the user was a rebellion. This was the image in modern society. Some girls or boys wander around in the street or at school wearing this cute nose ring will give them bad images. Especially when the user wear black outfit and the ring not only put in their nose but also in other part of the body, definitely negative image will come out of them.

Origin of Cute Nose Ring

Cute Nose RingBut do you know that cute nose ring was part of a long time journey. Nose ring was not only part of cultural heritage but also part of religion. Cute nose ring history was recorded back in 4000 years ago. In the Bible Genesis 24:22, Abraham wants his servant to look for a wife for his son, Isaac. The servant suggests Rebekah. A “Shanf” was given for Rebekah as a gift from Isaac to represent his intention to marry her. This Shanf was in Hebrew and can be translated in to nose ring.

The nose ring also derived from Hindu’s religion and India culture. An old Vedic Script in India recorded the use of nose ring back in 6000 years ago. As in the 16th century, the using of cute nose ring is widely known in India especially amongst Hindu’s religion. The nose ring was worn by women couple of days before getting married.

It is symbolize to honor Goddess of Hindu marriage, Parvathi. At the wedding night, the husband will remove this ring out of her nose. Cute nose ring role to the wedding is very important since it symbolize of hope in wedding life and protection means for women when they got divorced.

Not only that, cute ring nose also believe to take part in women’s fertility. Having nose piercing believed reducing the pain in the menstruation time and during child laboring. In some local custom, 5 years old girl already get nose piercing. Cute nose ring decorated mostly with jewels, pearls, fish and birds while the ring is from gold or silver.

The higher status of women, the more luxury is her nose ring. They wore it in the left nostril of the nose. Other than India, other regions also have tradition in wearing this ring on their nose such as Berber and Beja tribe in South Africa, and Aborigine in Australia

Cute Nose Ring Change in Society

The use of wearing cute nose ring is different for modern people. Back in 1960s-1970s in Flower Generation and baby boomers era, there is Hippies who travel to India who bring back this cultural thing and implemented it in their nose. This, in those years was a sign of rebellion to the norm and family conservatism values.

But nowadays those mind set already changing years after years. Many students or even blue collar worker, male and female, wear this cute nose ring jewel as their daily fashion. This fashion was spread through many boundaries.

When India women usually wear this cute nose ring in their left nostril because there is where the fertility point lay, modern man did not really appointed to that rules. Chosen of cute nose ring location pure basically on one’s preferences, not basically on cultural heritage.

There used to be some saying about the sexual preferences based on the location of the cute ring nose. The normal position is the left nostril for male and right nostril for female. If the male use it on the right nostril the he is a gay, and if the female wear it in the left nostril, then she is a lesbian. But this urban myth also faded as time flies. It is all about fashion and beauty preferences which are different in every male and female.

Tips on Cute Nose Ring

Choosing the perfect place to put the ring nose is purely based on one’s preferences of beauty. There are three usual place that can be choose to put the ring nose such as right nostril, left nostril and the septum which is the area in the middle between nose chamber. Although it is for fashion, but to have the nose pierced you have to be careful since infection may arise.

The symptoms are redness, swelling and pus that may lead into more severe illness if not taken care well such as necrosis and septal hematoma which can lead to leaving hole in the nose or even surgically removed in the infectious area. That is why before deciding to have cute nose ring you have to know for sure how to treat and care for it, otherwise it can cost you your nose.

Writen by Laura Shine