How to Deal with Children in Travelling with Car Seat

You want to go for a vacation overseas and want to bring your whole family. But, you know that it can be quite difficult since you have that one child in your family.

Indeed, flying with the car seat travel for your baby might be quite a hassle, but this is important to find comfort and safety for your baby since they are not suitable yet for the adult-size seat on the airplanes that will make them cannot use the restraint or seatbelt properly.

Britax Car Seat

Car Seat Travel Solution and Tips

When you want to use car seats on the airplane, the first thing you should do is to make sure that your car seat will suit the airplane’s seat. This is the first step to getting along with the idea of car seat travel. Some of them might be too wide on the airplane, which will make you get any inconvenience when you install in on board.

The common car seats have 17-21 inches width and you can easily check them on Baby Khal on how it fits the airplane seats.

Besides, understanding your car seat size will be really important since some of the aircraft are not allowing you to get on board if you cannot install them properly.

When you really want to use the car seat travel, please make sure that your car seat is safe for the flight. If your car seat is a brand new, you can check whether there is a FAA sticker or not. The sticker will give you sign that the car seat is safe for being used on an airplane.

Besides, if your car seat has been worn out, you can check it on the manual that will tell you the safety of the car seat you use on board. But, above all, traveling by car seat will be really challenging. Some misunderstandings and also miscommunication will lead to people’s rejection towards your car seat existence on board.

Some Additional Important Tips for Using Car Seat in an Airplane

The flight attendants might also take a very important role in informing you about how to properly install your car seat on the airplane to get comfortable use of car seat travel.

But, the argument might rise as you will be informed that your car seat should face forward while you want to install it backward, just the way you install it in the car. There are some cases in which the passengers will be kicked out from the airplane due to the improper car seat installation.

When you use the car seat, the goal is to make your baby safe in the comfortable seat and keep them from any turbulence. As long as the baby is safe you can simply install it. Besides, you will also need to install the car seat on the middle seat if you get the middle row or on the window seat.

This is important so that your baby car seat travel will not block the exit way. You should also now that there is no use if you bring the booster car seat since it will need the shoulder belt, which is not available on the airplane.

Britax B Agile Travel System

Who would not love to pamper a baby? Especially a newborn! A newborn brings with it immense joy and happiness to the family and its parents.

One of the major concerns of any parent would be the safety of the baby. You might worry about how to raise the baby healthy and safe. You would want to carry your baby everywhere you go to make sure that it is out of harms way. The Britax B Agile travel system allows you to do the same.

Britax B Agile

This product from Britax is a stroller travel system comprising of Britax B-Agile stroller and a britax b-safe car seat that can be easily attached to the stroller to form a sturdy, comfortable travel system. You would obviously have a lot of concerns regarding the product. This is quite natural because you feel responsible for the safety and comfort of your baby.

Travel System Buyers Guide

Babies at this age will not be able to express themselves clearly and hence is totally dependant on you. Dedicating a little time to understand the features of different baby equipments, going through different travel system reviews by customers and engaging in discussions can help you make the right choice when choosing the travel system for your baby.

Your research on baby travel system is sure to lead you to Britax B Agile Travel System which is one of the best available in the market. This product comes with various attractive features that ensure safety for your baby and convenience for you. The frame of this travel system is made of aluminum and weights around 16.5 lbs in total.

Being so light weight, it is easy to carry around. You can fold the stroller with just one hand. Quick to fold, it also has an automatic chassis lock. Being light weight and less bulky, the stroller fits well in almost all types of vehicle trunks leaving enough space for you to keep a good lot of other items.

You need not execute a series of steps and procedures in order to fit your baby in this travel system. The mechanics involved is very easy to understand. The five-point harness system makes sure that your baby is secured well to the seat.

Britax Travel System

Unlike as in many other strollers, you need not re-thread the harness system each time you need to place your baby on the stroller. The waist and shoulder harness can be easily separated and adjusted. You need not worry if your baby is on the slightly heavier side or is premature born. The lengths of the harness can be easily adjusted to fit your child.

The seat, head rest as well as the straps of the Britax B-Agile travel system is well padded to keep your little one comfy. The infinite recline positions provided by the B-Agile stroller gives you an array of choices when it comes to deciding the most comfortable position for your baby.

You can have your sweetie pie sit up in the slightly lazy comfortable position and still have a good view around or lie down and take a nap when you do your grocery shopping.

What Is The Best Travel System Stroller ?

Adding to the comfort of travelling in the Britax travel system is the all-wheel suspension feature. Ensure a smooth ride even on the bumpy surface. Designed for better agility, the stroller system form Britax has three wheels.

This adds to the maneuverability and improved steering capacity of the stroller. This coupled with the light weight frame makes those evening walks enjoyable. The front wheel of the Britex stroller can be locked to remain straight to have a better ride on very irregular surfaces.

The linked parking break is easy to operate. You can lock the wheels by pressing down the break with a single foot. The single break locks both the rear wheels. Now relax on the park bench without constantly worrying about the stroller being in place. The large canopy with ventilation effectively protects your little one from direct sunlight.

You can also store all the items your baby will need during the regular strolls in the stroller. The Britax stroller comes with a large under seat storage area as your baby’s items as well as an additional pocket with zipper on the rear side of the canopy.

The integrated Click and Go adapter system works well with the infant car seats from Britax. If you already have a car seat from a different manufacturer, you can fix it to the Britax stroller with the help of a car seat adapter and convert the stroller system in to a comfortable travel system for your baby. You might want to know How To Choose The Baby Travel System?

A few of the major infant car seat brands that are compatible with the Britax travel system include Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego. Available at less than $250, the Britax B-Agile travel system is sure to give your baby a wonderful infancy.