Amber Stone Past Reminder to Future Glory

Amber StoneYou will be lucky to have an amber stone with fossil in it. Amber stone is not actually a stone. It was made by resin of 30 to 320 million years pine tree. The resin trapped many small animals into it. That is where the fossil inside the amber stone comes from. Not all amber has many fossils in it, and that is why the fossil one is more expensive than none.

Amber usually found in sand and clay soil in ancient lagoon or delta of a river. That is why amber is actually not stone. But many people still refer this, and well known, as stone. Usually the color is orange, but there also other color such as black, blue and yellow.

Origin of Amber Stone

As mentioned before, amber stone was made from tree resin. Back in Upper Carboniferous period or about 320 million years ago is the oldest noticeable amber. Upper Carboniferous period until early Cretaceous period amber was found without fossils.

After that period, many fossils of flower plant, insect, animal hair and many more can be found inside amber stone. In facts, amber was studied for extinct insect species since there are more than 1000 insect species has found in it. But not all resin can survive and became umber stone.

Resin was made by the tree to protect them self from injury of broken branch or disease caused by insect and fungi. The first time the resin comes out of the tree is in form of liquid. These liquids have an odd fragrant that invite insects and other little animals and when they near it, they cannot get away from this sticky resin. The more they try to move, the deeper they get.

That is why some amber stone contains with many insects and little animals. There are flies, ants, gnats, wasps, bees, spider, amoeba, or even little lizard, frogs, centipedes, and scorpions. Not only animals, the resin also capture pine needle, pine cone seeds, flowers, stems, mushroom caps, and ever fur and feather.

Amber Stone Old Glory

In the old days, the fascination of amber stone was known back in 8000BC at the Stone Age. Ancient man use amber for supernatural and daily rituals as well as use it for beads and pendants as their adornment. The amber stone glory was well known in the Romans Empire.

Amber Stone

Emperor Nero gave this stone high appreciation to compare more valuable than a healthy human slave. The use of this stone also discovered in Egyptian mummies. The use of this precious material spread out through ancient culture such as Greeks, Assyrian, Etruscans and Phoenicians.

Amber stone also believed to have supernatural power. Some people consider this stone can bring good luck, strength, joy, and even love. In fact black amber stone was given high valuable price because it was believed to be able to protect from snake, black magic, drive off devil and even cursing the enemies. Not only that based on European legend many sorcerers and magicians are using amber to enhance more power.

The use of amber stone

Since the Stone Age, amber stone was believed to have the power of cure and use it in their supernatural activity. In ancient Greece, amber was used as medicine to some disease. Not only those, the smoke from burning amber stone consider being able to make the immune system stronger, refresh the mind and relax the body. Ancient China also burn amber to celebrate large festivities. In the 19th century amber was consider as sure or help healing tuberculosis, heat, rheumatism, and hysteria.

Aside from use it as flesh stone, amber stone often used in its other forms. This stone is very soft. If it count with Mohs scale, scale for gemstone durability and hardness, in count of 1 the softest and 10 the hardest, amber stone get 2.5 to 3 point. That is why some culture prefers to burn it.

To get amber stone essence, it needs to be carefully heated. It will produce oil and smoke. But perfumeries in modern days not originally use essence of amber to produce the perfume. Instead they use the word amber to describe musky, warm, honey-like, oriental and earthy feelings.

Amber can be differentiating with other stone. It has the ability to become electron. When amber was rub with cloth especially wool, it has ability to attract small things such as dust, papers, feathers and grass. Unlike other stone that drawn into water; amber can float in salty water. The most valuable amber comes from Baltic Sea and Dominican Republic. While surprisingly, the biggest amber stone ever known is from Burma which is called Retinite and has 33 pounds weight.

Design of Wedding Ring

Wedding ring has been used since more than hundred years ago. The age of this custom has possibly brought some breakthrough in the context of materials and design. In the context of design, there are some nice wedding ring designs that you can put in your wedding ring finger.

You can simply go to the jewelry store and bough something you like or you can order a custom made wedding ring to use. But, you have to know that there is a different type of design that can be used for women and men. If you designed it incorrectly, it will look odd in the wedding ring finger man or women.

Actually there are many types of design that are used in crafting wedding ring. The simple style is mostly love by the people because it can easily fit any wedding ring finger. The other style of wedding design style is the complicated one with texture and motives. This kind of design is usually only matched for woman wedding ring finger.

The alternatives of design have been brought to wedding ring design market since long time ago. For example, people start using tattoo to put on in their wedding ring finger instead of the actual ring that usually cost them more money than a tattoo.

Tattoo is simpler and doesn’t need any specific maintenance like actual wedding ring. That is why, nowadays, people often selected tattoo as their wedding ring than the old fashioned actual wedding ring. I do believe that wedding ring is not about the materials or the design, it about the connection between the people.

The worth of Wedding Ring

Like I said above the used of wedding ring is part of the global marriage custom. Sometimes it’s considered more important than any other part of wedding process. But, I tell you what, everything in wedding process is important. You can concern about your wedding ring and selected the most expensive that you can afford wedding ring, but the other part of marriage is also important.

Although the worth of wedding ring is truly significant for some people, for some other 45-years-marriage couple, it’s nothing more than a ring. Wedding Ring finger is not the only thing you have to see in your marriage.

Wedding Ring Finger Myth and History

I believe that everybody love to have a great designed ring in their wedding ring finger in their wedding ceremony. Wedding ring is one of the most important things that we have to prepare in the wedding day.

Some people consider that preparing a ring is one on of the most important part in wedding process. Wedding ring is part of human global custom that use to indicate whether a person married or not. There is no actual data about where or when this custom begins, but this custom is surely one of the most important part in every wedding ceremony around the world.

Wedding ring is a band of metal or something else that put in your wedding ring finger for a reason. Some people said that there a nerve in wedding ring finger that connected to the heart.

Although there is no clinical evidence about that theory, people believes that the right place for a wedding ring is in a wedding ring index finger and not in any other finger.

The custom and the myth have taken the wedding ring and how it uses to become the general truth in global human custom. The myth that strictly forbid people not to release the ring when they still in marriage.

Materials of Wedding Ring

Wedding ring is usually made by banded metal and accessories with stone. There are many types of materials that are used to craft a wedding ring that can be used to fulfill most of wedding ring design.

The most common one is gold, platinum, silver and many more. The throne of the ring is usually accessorized with diamond and any other beautiful stone like sapphire or even crystal. There are a lot of types of materials that are used in crafting a wedding. There even include steel, wood or even plastic. Can you imagine using a wood based material wedding ring in your wedding ring finger?

The materials that are used to craft a wedding ring which you can put in your finger is the reason why your wedding ring cost you a lot of money. Wedding ring often cost more than fifty percent of your total budget to hold a wedding ceremony.

It’s all because the materials that are used to crafted. Actually wedding ring materials is something you can alternate. You can use cheaper materials to get a cheaper price for your wedding ring set, it will still look good in your wedding ring finger, but you know, newlywed people, they often thinking a prestige more than a budget.

Cute Nose Ring Add Tradition to Your Nose

When looking at someone who wear nose ring, some people would think that the user was a rebellion. This was the image in modern society. Some girls or boys wander around in the street or at school wearing this cute nose ring will give them bad images. Especially when the user wear black outfit and the ring not only put in their nose but also in other part of the body, definitely negative image will come out of them.

Origin of Cute Nose Ring

Cute Nose RingBut do you know that cute nose ring was part of a long time journey. Nose ring was not only part of cultural heritage but also part of religion. Cute nose ring history was recorded back in 4000 years ago. In the Bible Genesis 24:22, Abraham wants his servant to look for a wife for his son, Isaac. The servant suggests Rebekah. A “Shanf” was given for Rebekah as a gift from Isaac to represent his intention to marry her. This Shanf was in Hebrew and can be translated in to nose ring.

The nose ring also derived from Hindu’s religion and India culture. An old Vedic Script in India recorded the use of nose ring back in 6000 years ago. As in the 16th century, the using of cute nose ring is widely known in India especially amongst Hindu’s religion. The nose ring was worn by women couple of days before getting married.

It is symbolize to honor Goddess of Hindu marriage, Parvathi. At the wedding night, the husband will remove this ring out of her nose. Cute nose ring role to the wedding is very important since it symbolize of hope in wedding life and protection means for women when they got divorced.

Not only that, cute ring nose also believe to take part in women’s fertility. Having nose piercing believed reducing the pain in the menstruation time and during child laboring. In some local custom, 5 years old girl already get nose piercing. Cute nose ring decorated mostly with jewels, pearls, fish and birds while the ring is from gold or silver.

The higher status of women, the more luxury is her nose ring. They wore it in the left nostril of the nose. Other than India, other regions also have tradition in wearing this ring on their nose such as Berber and Beja tribe in South Africa, and Aborigine in Australia

Cute Nose Ring Change in Society

The use of wearing cute nose ring is different for modern people. Back in 1960s-1970s in Flower Generation and baby boomers era, there is Hippies who travel to India who bring back this cultural thing and implemented it in their nose. This, in those years was a sign of rebellion to the norm and family conservatism values.

But nowadays those mind set already changing years after years. Many students or even blue collar worker, male and female, wear this cute nose ring jewel as their daily fashion. This fashion was spread through many boundaries.

When India women usually wear this cute nose ring in their left nostril because there is where the fertility point lay, modern man did not really appointed to that rules. Chosen of cute nose ring location pure basically on one’s preferences, not basically on cultural heritage.

There used to be some saying about the sexual preferences based on the location of the cute ring nose. The normal position is the left nostril for male and right nostril for female. If the male use it on the right nostril the he is a gay, and if the female wear it in the left nostril, then she is a lesbian. But this urban myth also faded as time flies. It is all about fashion and beauty preferences which are different in every male and female.

Tips on Cute Nose Ring

Choosing the perfect place to put the ring nose is purely based on one’s preferences of beauty. There are three usual place that can be choose to put the ring nose such as right nostril, left nostril and the septum which is the area in the middle between nose chamber. Although it is for fashion, but to have the nose pierced you have to be careful since infection may arise.

The symptoms are redness, swelling and pus that may lead into more severe illness if not taken care well such as necrosis and septal hematoma which can lead to leaving hole in the nose or even surgically removed in the infectious area. That is why before deciding to have cute nose ring you have to know for sure how to treat and care for it, otherwise it can cost you your nose.